Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fashionably late = Always a problem

Hey everyone havent posted anything in a week ! Ive been busy getting ready for school next week :/ and hanging with my friends for the last few days. Im suppose to be hanging with them tonight :) There willbe a post up tonight or in the A.M ! Look for it, spread the word !

As for school this year my style willl consist of plaid shirts, acid wash jeans, over the knee socks, baseball Tees ! Im going in the Tumblrgirl/ Kylie Jenner road ! Im looking forward to getting ny first pair of Timberland boots soon for school. People look up to me for style and fashion inspiration. I love being a stylist and a trend setter= My ultimate caeer goal, buying clothing for store,celebrity stylist, working at a magazine!!! All would be freaking amazing to do :)

                                    Hope you all enjoyed a little of my thoughts !
                                                -Mulan Rouge

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