Saturday, December 14, 2013

        Hello everyone! long time no see ! i have been very busy and did not have a phone for a while so i couldn't upload pictures to my blog because I havent taken any. well now I have my phone and am back on track ahaha. its getting close to Christmas and my list is just starting to unfold. i asked for a record player, new glasses, and the other big thing is a tripod for my Fujifilm camera. I have a Youtube  channel and whenever I want to film I have to rest the camera on something or whatever so if I get a Tri-Pod it will be so much easier to film! And who wouldn't want a record player ! I found one at Urban Outfitters, but for $30 less .......there was the exact same one at target! HOW CRAZY :0
I also just wanted giftcards to MAC AND A SHEARING FUR JACKET !!! those things are gorgeous >>>>>>>>Well you all will be hearing a lot more from me. Im trying to get more exsposure with my Blogs and Youtube channel. I wll link them down under all of the picture I add to the post!!

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