Wednesday, February 5, 2014

               Hey everyone! sorry I have been M.I.A, but i have been going through a lot with family, school, and traveling. My grandfather passed away on the 27  of January after 7 years battling with cancer.Its been a very sad time for me and my Nana especially. i have been posting videos regualry on my Youtube channel( same name as my blog). Go check it out :) I am doing a shoot with a friend soon, so I will post those pictures soon on my blog and the whole experience up on my Youtube channel. I recently have been wanting to get more into Modeling. Evan as a 4 year old I would dress up and have my own runway shows in my little hallway. So i have looked up companies and hopefully they get back to me.
oh yeah and prom is soon! O MY GOSH....IM FREAKING OUT MY OWN PROM. I pretty much have my dress in mind, and a limo company in line. So thats great im getting things done. Well hope you enjoyed this update of my life :)!!!!! 

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