Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cant love others unless you commit to loving yourself

You cannot commit to loving others if you can't commit to loving yourself. I love myself like the leaves love snow, and like the hairs on your head love the hard heavy hands. I do think it is essential to love yourself before you can love something else or someone else. I found that out the hard way  when I finally started seeing the beauty in the world and how some of the beauty was created from me. from me. I started to see that I can be beautiful, and not with the packing of foundation or plucking of my eyebrows, but whats in the outside screaming to come out and make a statement. My beauty in the inside was competing with the outside to show me what matters the most and I couldn't see what was going on. I was and still am fighting to see what I love about myself and if that love is the same love for the person who shares a pillow with me? Is it the same love? I did not know , but at this moment I do know. I know I can love myself just as much as I love someone else, but to love myself more. the scale should be tipped a little more than the other side. I am on one side of the scale and she , and he, and they are on the other. I know it should never be off balanced as it was before, and I intend on keeping it that way. I intend on loving the world and her, and her, and them, and him a little less than I love myself. I want to take care of my self, because if I fall then I won't be tall enough to help anyone else. Put on your mask before you put on someone's mask, Put on your seat belt before you put on someone else's. Save yourself before you can save someone else and it simple as that, Love yourself before you can love someone else. Find someone to love more than yourself and you will know what I am talking about.

These photos are a glimpse inside I really am, and most people do not know who I really am because they only see the outside, and do not take the time to see the inside unfold. There is a lot to unfold and I cannot wait to find out for myself.

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