Saturday, February 21, 2015

             Hello Everyone! Long time no see. It has been quite a while since i have posted on the blog, mostly because of college process, school, working two jobs, and just life in general. I am working two retail jobs because sadly Delias where I worked first in the mall is closing down as a company. So enough with the excuses. I am writting to you today about New York fashion Week 2015! An event in which i say to myself I will attend everywhere, but never do. The 7 days consisted of fashion shows, private gallery openings, celebrities Kimye, Kendall Jenner, catwalks, and freezing temperatures. Some of the highlight shows are Marc Jacobs, Naomi Campell "Fashion for Relief", Yeezy fashion line, Calvin , Michael Costello, and many more talented guests. All held at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion arena in New York.

Some main trending styles were sheer dress, fur coats, rompers, mediecore makeup, neutral colors, studded formal dresses, animal prints, aztec and etc.

Some Pictures:

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