Monday, August 24, 2015

So once again long time no blog!
 I have a few things  I want to talk about on this post today; first thing first is I am a graduate from High School and on my way to school in less than two weeks. I am excited yet scared to my  life about moving away from my comfort zone and leaving family. But on the other side I have  waited my whole life for move in day, crying when  my parents leave like in the films on the tv.
 I am not going to school in New York anymore, my new home for at least the next year is Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Fashion Marketing is still my major, what else would I go to school for? ahaha

But yes I am going to talk about something other than school. I recently became really close with an old person... i knew from middle  school. We are inseperable and she made my summer this year a Hell of a good one. Her name is Jessica LaRosa, and she's my favorite human in the whole wide world. She left for school on Saturday and I feel like i am going to go stir crazy before I leave for school in two weeks.I just had to recognize my main homie haha!

Other than that I will Vlog one more time before school starts, like a "Last Week Before School" Vlog! let me know if you would watch. Oooooo wait one more thing, I forgot to tell you all I brought myself a Macbook Air  during tax free weekend! Yay i am so proud of myself, and used my hard earned money I have been saving!

SOON other thann that stay smiling and stay positive humans! 

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