Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Change is for the Better


Just wanted to talk about a topic I know many people including myself have issues with Change, and its normal. While others are able to pick up and don't look back, the rest of us stop and look back a few times and more than often start at the finish line rather than walking away. I struggle with this first hand, and have my whole life. It is becoming more pronounced because in about 3 days I'll be moving into a room with 2 complete strangers and leaving my family, town, friends, and my security behind in the blink of an eye. I am happy, confused, emotional, yet determined for this new chute in my life. I pray that God everyday gives me a sense of security and peace while I am at school, because not only am I going this struggle , others while and I want to be able to be strong enough. I think its harder or me because I've been close to my mom and siblings my whole life, ill be living with strangers, and ill have to be on my own and make my own decisions, something every teen waits their whole life for. I know I will be fine because of my strong foundation of family, and my own personal qualities. Just wanted to talk about it because if you feel like you are the only one going through these emotions, you are wrong, many other college students are scared to death about this transition. I am one of the others and proud of it, because its life, and perfectly okay with being scared of change. Just do not let that fear become a reality, and an excuse for you to step out your comfort zone. Talk with your roommates, parents, and even yourself, so everyone can be on the same page! That is the best thing to do, that is just from my experience.

Well hope everyone does well and have a great school year! Feel free anytime to message me on my social media handles, or even comment on this post!


( not in all caps, just used caps to stand out aha )

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