Saturday, September 19, 2015


"To drop or come down freely under the influence of gravity"

I feel like I am falling into a wonderful pit of positivity in addition to the confusing yet so eventful past I am leaving behind. Falling isn't always a negative action, because not only are you evolving, you are moving on. It could be beneficial to you and the ones around you. Unfortunately for me , I am not used to falling without someone by messed or falling into someone, or something. Maybe this is my chance to finally break ground and focus on the things that really matter the most. I cannot say what matters the most, because for me, those things change daily, monthly, or by the second. I am not ready to be honest to fall at this moment in time, this moment in my life because of the content I am feeling, the love, the hopes and dreams that were for once coming true, to leave the people behind, to meet new people, or to change myself. How are we ever ready to fall? I don't think there is a definite answer to that question, it is not only for different one, but also the different seasons and experiences shape us for the fall. 

My "fall" is attending college , leaving home, and meeting new people. Just because I want to jump right into my career does not mean I am ready, or willing for the changes that are happening and have yet to happen. Another "fall" is that I am not as close with an old friend. I do not feel completely myself since I have fallen. Maybe that is a sign from above, that is the beauty of life, finding the answers in people and/ or experiences. I feel I will find myself many times before my time out button rings. I will find my true self, maybe not my old self, because who says tradition is right? I heard those words of advice from a close friend. Actually writing this post, I REALIZE MY INSPIRATION IS FROM HER. Wow did not mean for those words to be in caps! 

In other words, we all will fall, by our lonesome, with a group, for a reason, on purpose, because life, or as a evolution cycle. Just be ready , and know it might be for better or for worse. Luckily I have a good support system while I fall. I do not look at falling in a negative way, so you shall not either!

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