Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Read Up On It

Read Up On It

I subscribed to Fashionista.com about a year ago but recently subscribed to their email list, and do not regret it one bit. It is a website aimed towards fashion and all things that come with; body image, internships, yearly fashion forecasting, and just articles on where to get the best pair of thigh high boots.  I am not a big reading person, but I ALWAYS FIND content in reading fashion related topics and thank God for this website!

I was sitting at Starbucks and had free time so I went to the site and immediately found myself  wrapped up into my phone. The two articles I found most interesting are on Body image and a "fat girl who loves to have casual sex." She uses the word fat and not curvy because she embraces her body and feels empowered more than ever now to speak on the fact that she has sex with strangers and does not feel ashamed just because she is bigger than others. Many young girls have issues regarding body image and confidence and this article touched on that topic, which I found really interesting. I am a small girl myself weighing no more than 112 pounds, and am proud to say so. But there is a double standard in society and at this age see it more than ever. Bigger woman and girls can speak on their opinion of confidence and weight struggles, but when it comes to smaller girls like me we cannot do so, because we should "be lucky we are this tiny." That is not the case because many smaller girls have the same struggles as bigger girls. I am one who embraces all types and see weight  not as an obstacle as long as you do not make it one yourself. I have all shapes and sizes in my family and I believe that has helped me see more than a person's weight, and I am THANKFUL for that. 

The other article is on eighteen different countries who see their woman certain ways. The original picture of the woman is a curvy white woman with a bigger  body mass, but the other countries apparently do not see that as okay. Scrolling through the images with my friend we were shocked by how the graphic designers of these countries such as Serbia, U.S, China, Italy, Philippines, U.K, and many more photoshopped her body. The most surprising to me was China. The woman became VERY lean and looked like  a completely different woman, including her hair color. On the other hand latin countries like Venezuela and Columbia embraced her curves but enlarged her chest area and made her fat smaller on her upper body parts. It was cool yet eye-opening to see how the world is different everywhere we go!

So as a result I think many of you all should read upon these articles as well as share the links like I am doing now because it brings light to relevant topics. We should never feel ashamed or scared to feel confident and empowered. Even men should feel human to read these articles and become educated, because it has to be a joint effort not just one sided to shed light all around the world.




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