Thursday, December 24, 2015

2:46 a.m All Aboard

I am sitting on this train on New Years Eve traveling with my mother, sister, and many unfamiliar faces. I never realized how many people travel for the holidays and just how imperfect the world really is. We spend most of our time traveling from one location to another. Why is that? That is because the holidays are for family time and someone must make that jump. This time we are making the jump for family in Virginia. My grandmother recently just moved down there, alongside my Uncle and his family. My dad also lives there with my sisters and a stepmother. I plan to see everyone while I am down there, because I rarely get to see my "VA Sisters" go to their first dance, pass their driving test, or have all-nighters. So I don't plan on wasting anytime. While I type this post, Waste by Foster the People comes on, and I really want to start singing out loud. but the lady next to me I'm sure won't appreciate that. Anyways time is precious and anyone who wants to go through life unhappy or living for someone else is truly not living. I won't to live not just live. 

I hope all of you are living and not just living. Because "everyday that you want to waste, you can, and everyday you want to change, I hope i can see it through because I really want to be with you"

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