Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Taken By Surprise

I used to like surprises until I realized  I can control what becomes a surprise. Control is one of the things I struggle with ; basically for all of my life. Controlling how my day goes, controlling what I eat, controlling how and when I send money, and many other actions I can control. Because  the world, meaning higher being,  has control over me, ultimately I cannot  continue to stress but learn to enjoy life. Life is very short and like my other blog posts I have realized that. That obstacles are going to come my way and what I have experienced will  assist me in throwing an obstacle back. 

From family to friends and professors I have been taken by surprise and that is a great feelings. The feeling you get when you see that passing grade on your exam knowing you did not study an ounce. Or that feeling you get when you hear you might be an aunt, or the person you love is not in your typical agenda. Not all surprises are enjoyable, but they are not expected and that is what life is all about. When you go one way, Life ' God" throws a curve ball, and you have to take that surprise by the throat and finish it off. (Sorry for being vish) 

I have been taken by surprise may times in the last two years, from my grandfather passing, to not getting into my dream school after graduation. In my case both of those surprises sucked, yes sucked. 

But I have also had great surprises, from meeting new friends in college, getting my  first internship, to finding another human I very much enjoy. I loved being taken by surprise in these cases because they make me me, and I know will lead into bigger and better things. Finding someone you really enjoy their company is rare, but amazing when it happens. Someone you can really find comfort in, have deeper and intellectual conversations, and be happy when you are around them. We all have that one person, for some they haven't found that person, or  have met a few of these people. I have met a few of the people, but fortunately this is different. I am taken by the surprise but he way they carry themselves, treat others, have grown up, make sacrifices, and are ready for the obstacles to be thrown their way. The best thing about this is that , that is how I have always wanted to be growing up. Every characteristic they  I have wanted and still do want. That doesn't mean I want to be someone that I am not, but that they are  taken by surprise but make a challenge, and party out of it. 

So being taken by surprise is positive for me and I hope to be taken by surprise many more times, because that is what makes life exciting. I love being taken by surprise and I will be overtime I see their face, walk out my room, or go to class. 

Be Taken  By Surprise

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