Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I am in MacroEconomics Class

Hello, My fellow humans!

I am writing to you (Internet, possibly no one) because it has been about 2 months since I have blogged. Again I will present an excuse why: School has taken over my life, but I am okay with that. College was worth the headaches, tears, exhaustion, thousands of dollars for me. I took so much out of college here at Johnson and Wales University , and it was not just the lessons in textiles, or failures in economics class, but the intangible lessons I have learned.
Along my journey I met some friends along the way, and that was one hell of a ride.  Many of females who come from all different backgrounds, experiences, keep it simple states. It was always a bad Girls Club session/ Dr.Phil/Oprah session with them! I have experience growing up with a chaotic household with my own sisters and mother. There was never a dull moment in my household and during this year it wasn't any different. If there was a dull moment then I knew something was off. I cut myself off from the college life at the beginning because of feeling alone, and not being able to be myself 100% with the beliefs and opinions around me. I learned to break out that saddened bubble and make this year a great one; it was a great one. I  would have not rated it for anything because in this year I have found myself and am still finding myself at this very moment.  As well as finding friends , I lost some as well. Like they say college is when you find your real friends. I learned to be open to new things, and possibilities. I don' always have to be in control and I have now learned that.. Maybe just with friends lol! But yes I let myself go and have met some really amazing people and experienced things that I will not or can not take back/ regret!

Basically this year was a great freshman year from going to the RISD Museum almost every other Sunday, the Rhianna Concert, first gay club, first club at that, brunch on Sundays, making pottery (like the scene in Ghost), going to NY, mall everyday, Netflix nights, group projects with some strange characters, breaking my phone, coolest winter ever, wahoo( carnival), and some love and loss.

I thank my family for being along this journey with me and for allowing me to have this opportunity! All I can say is go to College! It is great to be able to have your own freedom and take it and run!

Dear College, Freshman Year,  Friends,  Professors, Family

Thank You

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