Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 6

It has come down to the final weeks of the trimester and it is unreal because time flew  with the blink of an eye. I am planning on graduating a year earlier than my expected graduation date so this is showing me how fast my college years are going to go and it is bittersweet. The school work at times got hectic, but I could always handle it.That is why I took on the challenge of taking 5 classes for winter trimester. I had chaotic 3 months but that didn't stop me from adding another class and wanting to push myself to greatness.

I have been looking into more options for this summer other than going back and working because I know that is something I cannot do! I want to leave the nest this summer and work on my career because before I know it I will be competing with others to get my dream job. One thing that is great is the fact that I already work with my dream company, which is a foot in the door before others even have a chance. But the sad thing is that now that I am being exposed to others professions and options I want to venture off into another part of the industry. Travel is a major thing for me in life and I want to work somewhere that I can travel. Working as a visual merchandiser is not only for stores, but for magazines, websites, and television. I think taking the visual merchandising  class will be a great opportunity to see if it is something I would like to do or not and then can eliminate if not. I just know that I want to dabble in more than one thing because that is just who I am. I am someone who wants to taste all the flavors before I pick one and in Fashion that is never a bad thing. On average americans have 12 job changes during their career! In conclusion I am closer to my hopes and dreams and it is exciting yet mushy and terrifying!

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